Instant jQuery Selectors

This week I received a review copy of Instant jQuery Selectors a "How-to" book by author "Aurelio De Rosa". Being from the Packt [INSTANT] range it is a short, fast, focused guide aimed to teach readers how to master the art of effectively using jQuery's selectors.

The book is light, circa 60 pages and begins with showing you how to download the jQuery library and to include it in your website. It also briefly discusses the benefits of using a Content Delivery Network. More importantly it does mention the different versions of JQuery and their browser support capabilities.

The first few chapters introduce you to how jQuery's syntax is designed to make it easier to navigate a document and select DOM elements for manipulation. You learn about the basic CSS selector syntax like the Universal(*), the ID(#), and the Class(.) selectors. The book then moves on to teach you how to combine multiple selectors to create more complex ones, it also shows you how the query can be optimised by retrieving the best-qualified selectors first.

The Later chapters introduce you to more DOM traversal, specifically they show you how to select elements based on their position in the DOM or by their relation with other elements. You are also shown how to master jQuery's filters and create your own jQuery filters to retrieve elements using a mnemonic name chosen by you.

The book is filled with practical, step-by-step instructions and explanations for the most important and useful tasks. Instant jQuery Selectors follows a simple how-to format with recipes aimed at making readers well versed with the wide range of selectors that jQuery has to offer.

Overall this book is only suited for very novice learners, and doesn't add anything substantially new that you couldn't already find on the jQuery documentation or support website. However it is filled with several examples and does have useful tips and tricks to improve the performance of your website by simply selecting elements in the right way.

Thanks to the guys at Packt Publishing I have two copies of the e-book to give away, if you are interested just tweet me @pedbad with your email and the first two who contact me will get instructions on how to get their copy :)